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Maa Baglamukhi Sadhna Peeth

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Pitambara Goddess Temple

Visit Time

Morning 5:00 Mangal Arti, Bhagwati Bath,
Cloths, Embellishment, Offering;
Morning 7:15 Bhagwati Arti;
Noon 12:00 door closing.
Noon 12:00 door closing.
8:00  Pm Offering, 9:00 Pm Sleeping

Night Worship of Devi

Every Tuesday and Sunday

Gate Opening and Mangalacharan
at 11 pm for the benefits of Seekers,
Teachers and Petitioners. Devi Stuti-
Gaan, after Astotri Path Katha, Jap, Prayog,
Yajna Morning ४ O’cloc Devi Abhishek, Vastrabhushan,
Shodashpochar Pujan, Arti offering flag.

Note: All the worship and experiments related to Bagalamukhi are done exclusively in the night and on this basis, the decision of the day or night worship, invocation and experiment are taken for different problems of the devotees.

Get blessings of Jag Kalyani Maa Bagalamukhi

Get solutions to your problems

At Baglamukhi Sadhna Peeth located in Delhi's Karala, all problems, Havan, Pujan, Prayog, Sadhana and special rituals are performed regularly. You too can join these events and get blessings of Goddess Baglamukhi. The following constraints are specifically resolved here.


Baglamukhi makes her worshiper’s enemy motionless. Being the super power goddess who can destroy all enemies, Baglamukhi blesses its worshipers with the power to put bridle over his enemies, in terms of both, their actions and speech.

bad health

Bhagwati Baglamukhi, with her immense power, cures the incurable diseases of the devotees as soon as possible and blesses them with a healthy life. A healthy life is the first step to success.


Debt is the biggest problem of man. Freedom from debt means freedom from humiliation. When debt becomes a nuisance, Mother Baglamukhi helps those who are in debt due to money, trade and financial constraints. Mother is helpful in debt relief and wealth growth.

What Devotees Say

I was suffering from fear of facing public whereas all my work is to keep meeting new people and often


Monika Khatri

Public Communicator

My husband and me have gone through a tough time in last few years but in this March, a contacted

goel chandini

Chandani Goel

House Wife

Don't know what happened but I started losing confidence in my law career. I have been a positive person my

jagmohan gupta

Jagmohan Mehat


नमस्कार गुरु जी आपके सानिध्य के आने के बाद ही मेरे जीवन में सफलता आना शुरू हुई है. मैं आपका

rohit gupta

रोहित गुप्ता

व्यापारी, भोपाल

Pujan Types


Aasuri Baglamukhi Prayog

This is a special and high-quality Baglamukhi-tantra Prayog for the complete mitigation of enemies. It is impossible for your enemy to avoid its effect.
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Bagla Pratyangira Kavach

This Kavach (armor) of Bhagwati liberates the devotee from all enemy’s Prayogs like killing, separation distraction, bewitchment, and inertness.
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Vipreet Pratyangira Prayog

Vipreet Pratyangira Prayog sends back the evil spirts, tantra-mantra prayogs as well as eliminating the wicked and frees devotees from all the miseries.
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Panch-Astra Prayog

Bhagwati Bagalamukhi’s Panch-Astra Prayog-Shodashopchar has been considered the most accurate solution for the complete resolution of the property dispute.
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Bandhak Mukti Prayog

Bandhak-mukti Prayog frees a victim form legal punishment, bondage om freedom, and helps him oh her to get bail on a matter resulted by the conspiracy of enemies.
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Bagla-Dandadhikari Bhairav Puja

The recognition of Bhagwati Baglamukhi and Dandadhikari Bhairav worship-Shodashopchar for victory in legal proceedings is ubiquitous.
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Mangla-Bagla Prayog

Mangla-Bagla Prayog has been considered very effective to solve the delay in marriage of any man and woman.
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Baglamukhi Vidweshan Prayog

This Prayog of Bagalamukhi makes war between your enemies. It is also used for divorce.
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Baglamukhi Tantra Prayog

This Bhagwati Bagalamukhi Prayog is capable of freeing the devotee from any kind of tantra-action.
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Bagla and panjjar Strota Prayog

Bhagwati Baglamukhi and Panjjar Strota Prayog solves the financial problems a devotee facing in her/his life.
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Bagla-Pashupati Ahavan

This Baglamukhi Prayog is beneficial for those people who are facing many problems in going abroad.
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Rajya-pad Prapti Prayog

Raj Baglamukhi and Rajya-Rajeshwari Prayog helps in getting government job and election-ticket and winning in elections.
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Pataka and Baglamukhi

Pennant and Baglamukhi Shodashopchar Pujan is very famous for jobs. This Prayog is best for a job and a career.
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Pataka Sdhodopchar Pujan

Immediately benefiting in the infection of diseases has been shown by worshiping Bagalamukhi with Sdhodopchar and Pennant-Sdhodopchar
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Yoni-havan Kund

To get children, there is a belief of worshiping the Yoni-Havan Kund. With this Prayog of Goddess, every kind of womb-bond is opened.
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Worship Methods

For worshipers

Depending on your situation and available time, you can get the blessings of Mother Bagalamukhi through both small and big worships. If you want to do small pooja then you can follow the Panchopachara Pujan Method, if you want to do an elaborated pooja then for that, you have to follow the Shodashopachara Poojan method. Following are the step-by-step rules of both the pujas:

Panchopchar Pujan Vidhi

First Upchar (treatment): offering sandalwood  and turmeric-kumkum to goddess

First of all, apply sandalwood powder to the goddess from the ring finger. After this, offer a pinch (make it by putting right hand’s thumb and its ring finger together) of Haldi powder and then Kumkum to the feet of Bhagwati.

Second Upchar: Offering a leaves-flowers to the goddess

Artificial and decorative flowers of paper or plastic etc. are not offered to the goddess; Instead offer them new (fresh) and righteous flowers. Do not smell the leaves and flowers to be offered to the Goddess. Offer leaves before offering flowers to the goddess. Specific leaves and flowers are offered to the specific deity to attract more of their elements. Therefore, yellow flowers are offered on Ma Baglamukhi.

Third Upchar: To show incense to goddess (or show incense sticks)

Do not spread the smoke by hand while showing incense to the Goddess. After showing incense, perform aarti with specific incense incense sticks to attract more of the specific elements of the goddess.

Ring the bell with the left hand while displaying incense or turning incense sticks.

Fourth Upchar: Deep (lamp) Aarti of Goddess

Perform the Deep-Aarti three times at a slow speed. Ring the bell with the left hand while performing the Deep-Aarti. Formulas to keep in mind in the context of lighting the lamp (deep):

1. Do not light one lamp with another lamp to light the lamp.
2. Do not light a lamp of ghee with oil lamp.
3. Burn new wick of oil lamp daily in the house of worship.

Fifth Upchar: Invoking God to Naivedya

While making Naivedya for Goddess, use small amount of chilli, salt and oil and use more sattvic substances like ghee. Do not serve salt in a plate prepared for Naivedya. Grain should be kept covered before requesting Naivedya to Bhagwati. In Naivedya dedication, first of all pray to the presiding deity and make a square mandala of water on the ground in front of Bhagwati and place a plate of Naivedya on it. In Naivedya dedication, draw a circle of water once in the direction of the clock on all sides of the plate. Again, do not draw a circle of water in the opposite direction. While requesting Naivedya, keep the feeling that ‘Naivedya offered to Baglamukhi Devi by us is reaching the devi and she is receiving her.’

Acts to be performed after worshiping Goddess

Although “Burning of Karpoordeep” is not atreatment in Panchopchar Pujan, it is due to the righteous of Karpoor, it helps to get righteousness by lighting its lamp. Therefore, after showing the Naivedya, burn Karpoordeep. Take the Aarti by offering a conch shell. After doing this, apply Vibhuti on the root of the nose (on the Agyachakra) and perform the theerth-praashan thrice. At the end, take the prasad and wash the hands after that.

Shodashopchar Worship Method

First Upchar: Calling the Goddess

May the goddesses come with their limbs, family, armament and power and get worshiped by being living in the idol. For this, praying to the Goddess with complete devotion, that is to invoke her. Take sandalwood, Akshat and Tulsidal or flowers in your hand during the call. After invoking the name of the goddess, offer her sandalwood, akshat, tulsidil or flowers an the end with saying Namah.

Second Upchar: To give the asana to the deity

Offer goddess’ beloved leaves-flowers by imagining that she has been given a beautiful seat to be seated on her arrival.

Third Upchar: Padya (offering water to the deity to wash the feet)

Offering water of the goddess’ fee from Tamrapatra ( a Copper’s Lota)

Fourth Upchar: Arghya (giving water to the goddess to wash hands; hand-ablution)

Take water in Achamani and put sandalwood, syrup and flower in it, offer it on the idol’s hand.

Fifth Upchar: Achman (offering water to the goddess to gargle; Mouth wash)

Take camphor-mixed water in Achamani, leave it in the Tamrapatra to offer it to the deity.

Sixth Upchar: Bathing (offering water to the deity)

If there are metal idols, yantra, shaligram etc., then offer water to them. If there is a clay statue, sprinkle only water with a flower or basil-bunch. If the picture is there, first wipe it with a dry cloth, then with a wet cloth, wipe again with a dry cloth. The clothes used to wipe the idols of the gods should be clean. Use new cloth and soak it in water, dry it and then use it clean the picture. Never wipe the goddess with a cloth which has already been used for some other purpose.

  1. Get the Goddess bathed with Panchamrit first. Under this, get milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar bathed sequentially. Offer water after bathing with one substance and before bathing with another substance. For example, after bathing with milk and before bathing with curd, offer water.
  2. Then give the Goddess a bath with sandalwood and camphor-mixed water.
  3. Offer water from achmni and give a bath with fragrant liquid-mixed water.
  4. Give the goddess a bath with a ushnodak. Ushnodakmeansbathwith lukewarm water but not hot.
  5. After bathing the Goddess with fragrant liquid-mixed water, get the Mahabhishek bath done by adding lukewarm water. During the Mahabhisheka, keep in mind that there is a constant stream of slow water on the Goddess. Use the Abhishekapatra for this. If possible, recite various Suktas at the time of Mahabhisheka.
  6. After the Mahabhishek, leave water in the Tamrapatra again and wipe the idol of the Goddess.

Seventh Upchar: Giving Clothes to the Goddess

Offer two cotton clothes to the goddess. Wear a cloth like an ornament on the goddess’s neck and place the other on the feet of the goddess.

Eight Upchar: Offering Saubhagya Sutra

Janeu is offered to God or a male deity and Saubhagya Sutra is offered to Goddess or female deity.

Ninth Upchar: Gandhakshat

Roli, Turmeric, Chandan, Abir, Gulal, Akshat (unbroken rice)

Tenth Upchar: Flowers

Offering flowers and garland of the choice of  the Goddess

Eleventh Upchar: Dhoop

Burning Dhoop Batti and showing to the goddess

Twelveth Upchar: Deep

Light Deepak (Use pure ghee)

Thirteenth Upchar: Naivedya

The Goddess is offered sweet food, which is called Naivedya.

Fourteenth Upchar: Obeisance the deity mindfully

Fifteenth Upchar: Circumambulation

After the obeisance, revolve (clockwise) around the Goddess . If there is no facility to revolve, then stand in your place and rotate clockwise  three times.

Sixteenth Upchar: Mantra Pushpanjali

After the circumambulation, offer chanting and chanting to the goddess. Then in the end, apologize to the Goddess for the known and unknown lapses and errors in worship and end the worship. In the end, apply Vibhuti, do teerth prashan and receive prasad.

How To Reach

Contact image



Contact image

Baglamukhi Sadhna Peeth
Kanjhawal Industrial Area,
Rupali Enclave,
Karala, Delhi 110081


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