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।। ॐ ह्लीं बगलामुखी सर्व दुष्टानाम वाचं मुखं पदम् स्तम्भय जिह्वाम कीलय-कीलय बुद्धि विनाशाय ह्लीं ॐ फट् ।।


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That is because we have devoted our whole lives in worshiping Goddess Bhagwati Baglamukhi Pitambara. Social welfare is our ultimate duty and, we always look forward to it. We pray the Goddess to keep her blessings on us and continue to give us opportunities to serve the society.

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25 Years

Of Experience

We have more than three decades experience of the worships related to Goddess Bhagwati Baglamukhi. We have made our services available to at least 25000 Devi devotees.

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Puja-solutions of our Goddess Baglamukhi show fast effect. We call upon the Goddess with complete devotion to resolve the problem of her devotee.

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Turn around

Goddess has special grace on us and, we worship her with complete rituals. For this reason, the Goddess fulfills every legitimate desire sought by a pure mind.

Our Services

The Most Reliable Baglamukhi Ritual Anushthan Services

Baglamukhi Sadhna Peeth provides following services for the welfare of society-

Baglamukhi Enemy Defeat Puja

Victory Over Enemy

Baglamukhi goddess is also known as Stambhani Devi or Brahmastra Roopini. This means that the goddess…

Baglamukhi Puja Court Case

Court Case Problem

Worshiping the goddess Maa Baglamukhi by the said method and process help people get rid of court cases…

Baglamukhi Puja Career Job

Career / Job Problems

Worshiping Goddess Baglamukhi helps a devotee attain high position in their career. They defeat competition…

Baglamukhi Puja Election Victory

Victory In Election

Baglamukhi Puja is especially beneficial for politicians who are expecting to attain victory in elections…

Baglamukhi Puja Legal Matters

Solve Legal Matters

By worshiping Baglamukhi Goddess, one can turn out to be capable of solving any legal matter he or she is facing…

Baglamukhi Puja Financial Loss

Recovering Loss

Goddess Baglamukhi Devi blesses its worshiper with sound economic condition, abundance of wealth…

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We Provide All Kind Of Baglamukhi Worships (Puja & Anushthan) With Absolute Purity And Reverence. Check Them All!

The penance of Goddess is the essence of our life. With the spirit of social service, we have tried to find solutions to almost every problem in our life through the worship of Baglamukhi.

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Complete solution!

Goddess Baglamukhi Anusthan, Puja and Prayog

Bring the light of Maa Baglamukhi's blessings to your life and make it successful, happy, and prosperous.

  • Get rid of all suffering; Destroy all enemies
  • Desired Job and Business Success
  • Unprecedented control over speech, sweet relationship
  • Money gains, freedom from legal dispute

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