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Baglamukhi Puja For Recovering From Financial Loss

|| Aum Hreem Baglamukhi sarv dushthanaam vaacham mukham padam stambhya Jivhaam keelya, buddhim vinaashya hreem aum swaaha ||

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Baglamukhi Puja & Anushthan To Get Rid Of Finance and Money Related Problems

Goddess Baglamukhi Devi blesses its worshiper with sound economic condition, abundance of wealth, and helps in recovering financial losses. With sufficient money, one can live his or her live happily, healthily and peacefully. Struggling financial conditions and losses put a person into a lot of mental stress and disturbance which further add affect family, health, job, career, business and ultimately make life miserable. Worshiping Baglamukhi, in this situation, is proved extremely effective.

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Why do people face financial problems?

The biggest reason that put people into financial trouble are malefic horoscopic planets. Their affects can put people into trouble without any reason. Plans start to fail and every step taken to earn money results into huge financial trouble. When you feel that you have started falling into financial problems from every side, then worshiping Goddess Baglamukhi can give you a way to get out of those problems.

How is worshiping Baglamukhi helpful in solving financial problems?

Goddess Baglamukhi, the eight of the ten Mahavidyas, is the most powerful avatar of Goddess Parvati. She holds a special place in tantra and among tantrics. The goddess is the presiding deity of inert or motionlessness. She helps her worshiper to defeat his or her enemies and provide victory over them. Baglamukhi Puja, Anushthan and Mantra recommended those who are facing losses in business, finance obstacles and problems, false court cases, false accusations, debt problems, etc.

Following benefits of Baglamukhi Puja helps people in getting rid of financial problems:

  • Goddess helps businesses persons losing customers or facing loss in business activities
  • Baglamukhi Devi blesses her worshiper with growth in business.
  • It helps in increasing wealth and maintaining economic compatibility.
  • The goddess opens up for the attainment of money stuck in bad debts.
  • The income of worshipers increases and they start receiving more benefits
  • Happiness, prosperity, and financial stability are attained.

Who should worship the goddess or perform Baglamukhi Puja to solve financial problems?

If you are experiencing heavy finance losses, decreasing number of customers, or someone is not returning your money, or not able to repay loans because of decreasing profits, then worshipping Maa Bhagwati Baglamukhi Pitambari is highly recommended.

What’s the Procedure to Perform Baglamukhi Puja to get rid of financial problems?

Baglamukhi Puja should always be performed only under the guidance of experienced guru who have practiced Baglamukhi Rituals successfully. The worshiper who invokes Maa Bhagwati Bagalamukhi Pitambara is required to be initiated by Kaul or Aghori Saghak (Bhairava). Worshipers, without experienced guru, may suffer heavy losses by the enemy using Chaura-astra, Kalratri, Aghor Sudarshan-astra or Pakchiraj-astra, Prayatangra, etc. Baglamukhi is an inert astra and in case of mistake, the worshiper can also do stilled. Death, disease, mishaps, accident, and misfortune is possible if Goddess Baglamukhi is called without any initiation. Apart from this, one can also have to wander as a terrible Brahmarakshas after death. If there is an error in the ritual due to improper way or mistake, then the clan and lineage one’s family are also destroyed. If the Guru is a real Sadhak, then he is capable of protecting worshipers from all kinds of enemies.

Note: For more than 13 years, with the blessing of Maa Bhagwati Baglamukhi Pitambara, Baglamukhi Sadhna Peeth has been organizing all sorts of Anushtans or Pujas at Baglamukhi Pitambara Tantra Peeth (Mandir) situated in Kanjhawala Industrial Area, Rupali Enclave, Karala, Delhi, 110081.

We provide Anushthan services at the temple itself. Also, we provide online Anushthan services for those, who cannot visit the Baglamukhi Pitambara Tantra Peeth (Mandir) because of distance or other reason but want to get rid of their problems, sorrows, and failures. Contact us right away!

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