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Acharya Atulya Nath

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हिंदी में बढ़ें  Peeth ≫ Acharya Atulya Nath

atulya nathShri Atulya Nath is known also as Guru Ji by his thousands of followers over the world. Since he has entered the world of spirituality, he has been a well-known name in India and abroad. He has indulged all his life in performing a number of cultural, religious and creative activities for wellbeing of both the society and the country. He is committed adherent of Hindu religion and its ancient practices as well has been spreading knowledge of Vedas and Puranas all over the world.

Nearly two and half decades back, the popular temple of Kali at Lado Sarai, Qutab Minar, New Delhi was founded by Guru Ji. Today, it is one the popular Kali temples in Delhi. 8 years after this commendable achievement, Guru Ji founded another temple at Karala Village, Rupali Enclave in Delhi. Here, in this temple the goddess Baglamukhi had been seated and is worshiped regularly. The temple is popular among devotees of goddess Baglamukhi as Ma Baglamukhi Tantra Maha Peeth.

In the year 2003, Shri Atulya Nath also organized a vast summit on Astrology, Tantra, Vastu and allied Indian Ancient disciplines. The summit was held at Mehrauli, which is one of the seven ancient cities making up the present day state of Delhi. It was proven as biggest summit on Indian Ancient knowledge. The summit was visited by several specialists of the same streams.

He has also conducted a lot of researches on Medical-Astrology, which is practiced to seek answers to critical human diseases for which medical science does not still have any answer. He was the first specialist who coined the term Astro-Vastu through which he can draw the map of someone’s house and quickly provides solutions to Vastu related problems.

Apart from above all, Atulya Nath Ji coined a new term Astro-Career for career based Astrology. This new term is exercised to define the career of your children through the help of astrology. Here you or your children are guided to choose the most suitable career stream to attain sure success in the coming future.

He exercises both Tantra and Astrology for solving out several kinds of mental, physical, financial and health-related problems. He employs Astrology and Tantra for researching the whole problem and then provides specific solution to the suffering people.

Humans have always been denying the existence of evil powers but today, many researchers have proven that these evil powers exist in the world and affect us at a bad extent. Even, the scientists have accepted that evil spirits can affect as well as create a lot of problems at the same time. A person can control these evil powers to harm others. Here, Tantra is the only way through which the negative force of evil spirits and black magic can be completely vanished.

Tantra and evil spirits, controlled by this knowledge, leave a powerful negative impact that becomes reason to several irregularities as well as side-effects in our life. Such negative power can cause derangement, sleeplessness, and incurable diseases to you which have no easy solution by doctors. In this sequence, Shri Atulya Nath is considered as an only Guru of Indian Tantra in the country. He practices ancient knowledge of black magic for providing answers to complex problems in your life.

Guru Ji at Ma Baglamukhi Tantra Maha Peeth provides solutions to these critical problems. He is a proficient of Dash Maha Vidaya of Vedic science, astrology and tantra. Uncountable people come at Kali Mandir and Baglamukhi Peeth where Atulya Nath Guru Ji performs Sadhana and Rituals to find out resolutions for problems in their life, health, career, business.