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Maa Bhagwati Baglamukhi Pitambara

|| Jivhaan Keelay Buddhim Vinaashay Hreen Om Svaaha ||

A brief introduction to Maa Baglamukhi Pitambara

There are two stories described in the Meru Tantra. It is said that Lord Lakshminarayan Vishnu, while resting in the Kshira Sea, was concerned about protecting his devotees in the world. Then he underwent a rigorous austerity, which led to the emergence of Pitambara Devi as a heroic night by the splendor of Mahatripura Sundari at Peet Sarovar in Saurashtra.

First Story:

Once in the Satyuga, a terrible cosmic storm was born that caused a great disaster, and the whole world started to get destroyed and it caused panic around. The souls of livings fell into danger and it became impossible to protect the world. Seeing that this storm was moving ahead, destroying everything, Lord Narayana got worried.

After finding no solution to this problem, Lord Vishnu started remembering Lord Shiva, then Lord Shiva said that no one can stop this destruction excepting Shakti, so you go to her shelter. Hearing this, Lord Narayana approached near Haridra Sarovar and performed harsh austerity to please her.

ma parvati ma tripur sundari ma baglamukhi
Maa Parvati, Ma Tripur Sundari, Ma Baglamukhi

Lord Vishnu started the call of Bhagwati Mahatripur Sundari with “Hreen” Beej Matran but while doing so, “Hileen” started coming out of his mouth with time. Due to this Mahatripur Sundari was pleased but appeared in the form of Baglamukhi in the Saurashtra region. At that time Bhagwati was of Pitambar varna and was wearing full yellow clothes and jewelry. For this reason, Mahadevi is also called Pitambara Maa. According to an opinion, when Bhagwati Mahatripur Sundari appeared as Baglamukhi, she started playing on water in Haridra lake and was also called Pitambar or Mahapitambra Devi. Divine splendor arose from the heart of Goddess Mahapitambara Swarup, from which the terrible storm stopped.

At the time when Bhagwati became furious to fight with the demon, knowing Bhagwati’s anger, the demon called upon pancha-astra (five weapons) of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Rudra, and Shadashiva. Then Bhagwati appeared in form terrible as a devil and sat down on Kamala asana which she made with pancha-astra-Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Rudra, and Shadashiva.

With time, the Kamala Aasan of Pancha-astra was called the Panch-pret Aasan. Sitting on this Aasan, Mahadevi caught the tongue of the asura named Kalal and struck it with a single stroke vajra. At that time, the Goddess herself appeared in demoniac by snatching all the powers of the demon and called Panch-pret’s Bhagwati Demonic Baglamukhi.

As a result of the penance of Vishnu ji, by glory of Mahatripur Sundari, Pitambara Devi emerged as a Veer Ratri (heroic night). When Sun is in Capricorn zodiac sign Chaturdashi on Tuesday and on the same day, if Makarakul Nakshatra (Bharani, Rohini, Pushya, Uttara Falguni, Chitra, Visakha, Jyestha, Purva Phalguni, Shravan, Uttara Bhadrapad Nakshatras) falls on, then it is called the heroic night. Maa Pitambara Baglamukhi was emerged on this night.

Second Story

According to another belief, a severe storm occurred during the disaster. During that time, all the deities prayed to Devadhidev Lord Shankar to protect the world. Then a wonderful power emerged from Lord Shankar’s third eye, which was known as Bagalamukhi Para Shakti. She is called Bagalamukhi Devi.

Bhagwati Bagalamukhi Maa, who appeared in Makar Markul Nakshatra, is worshiped as Ashtami Maha Vidya in ten Mahavidya.

Baglamukhi Devi sits on the jewel-inlayed throne. Get mounted on the jewel-inlayed chariot and destroy enemies. No one can defeat the devotee of Goddess in the whole world. He gets success in every sphere of life. The goddess is pleased by offering yellow flowers and coconut. The biggest obstacle is also destroyed by donating deepak (lamp) on a heap of yellow turmeric and offering yellow clothes to the goddess. Sorrows are destroyed by the mantras of Baglamukhi Devi.

Goddess Bagalamukhi is also called Veer Raat because Devi herself is a form of Brahmastra. His Shiva is called Maharudra. That is why the Goddess is Siddha Vidya. Tantriks consider her the goddess of inert. For the householders, the Goddess is the mitigator of all kinds of doubts.

Devi is the goddess of Raja Yoga. She is subject to authority. Therefore, the leaders also go to her shelter. The goddess is the goddess of welfare. She does not like injustice. She is the goddess of justice. She does not like wrongdoing, sin and unjust desire. No matter what kind of crisis is there, the goddess eliminates them. Her worship is different from other goddesses. Hers is the mental worship. She is worshiped in all three forms-Yantra, Tantra, and Mantra.