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Baglamukhi Sadhna


(Baglamukhi Sadhna Peeth)

Bhagwati Baglamukhi Pitambara
Path Of Devotion
The Solution
Of Problems In Our Life!

Peeth ≫ Guru Diksha

Humans are prone to many problems and fears in life. The solution to all these can be found through the initiation of Maa Baglamukhi.

Take the initiation of Mother Baglamukhi for freedom from the following fears:

  • Fear of defeat
  • Fear of premature death
  • Fear of failure in exam
  • Fear of Brahmarakshas and Aghor Tantras
  • Fear of ghosts, ghosts, tantras, matras, sorcery
  • Fear of court court lawsuit, mortgage etc.

To attain the following, take initiation and do Sadhna of of Goddess Baglamukhi:

  • High speech power
  • Social standing
  • Release from abhichar karma
  • Government job, state position
  • Freedom from Kalsharp Dosh in Horoscope
  • Relief from enemies, diseases and fear or debt
  • Vastu defects in the house cause negative effects on life
  • Victory in arguments for speaking out in front of people
  • Protecting your family from negative energy, tantra-mantr, spells, and witchcraft

The path to the solutions of all the above problems is possible only through Guru-Diksha. By walking and meditating on the path of initiation shown by the Guru, a person has the ability to change his fate or misfortune into good luck.

Maharshis have described the routes for the welfare of humans in the scriptures only by the will of God. The best of these is the reading of the scriptures, through which the training of survival can be obtained. The person giving knowledge of such training is called Guru.  The position of the Guru is above all the relationships. The position of Guru is considered more than that of God.

The initiation of the knowledge given by the Guru for easy, safe and secure living, which the Guru painstakingly shares as an experience, is the first practice to achieve that knowledge-like honor and grace.

Deeksha means skill and competence.

Mastery in a task can only be achieved through a guru. Mastery means efficiency. Just like someone wants to build an idol, then he will do the work of that idol who is proficient in this art and the learners want to learn the skill of idol from him. As a musician has knowledge of tone and rhythm, the learner and the listener follow the same accomplished artist.

दीयते ज्ञान विज्ञानं क्षीयन्ते पाप-राशय: ।
तेन दीक्षेति हि् प्रोक्ता प्राप्ता चेत् सद्गुरोर्मुखात।।

अर्थात् : जिसने ज्ञान-विज्ञान की प्राप्ति होती है और पाप-समूह नष्ट होते हैं ऐसे सद्-गुरू के मुख से प्राप्त ‘मत्रं ग्रहण को दीक्षा कहते है

Special importance of Guru Diksha is to learn to follow Vedic and Tantric rules and to gain from them by adopting them. The law of the holy initiation ceremony is the purification of all sins and to get rid of all the troubles.During initiation, the Guru himself blesses the disciple by blessing him, due to which the seeker gets the best rights for worship, penance, meditation, etc. The Guru imparts this rare knowledge to the disciple.

In every person, the same self-power exists as that power, which is present in the body in a dormant state due to being surrounded by worldly attachments, misdeeds and five restrictors. When the initiation rites are performed by the Guru, that elusive animal cover is completely broken and the disciple is aware of the inherent divine power.

गुरू द्वारा दिव्य-शक्ति का संचार

The son has the right over all the property of the father, but the knowledge which can be enlightened only by the Guru, the son too can get it from only initiation.Therefore, looking at the defects of the son, the father does not give this rare knowledge to the son, which is confidential, absolute and detailed. From the very beginning the subject of initiation has been so mysterious.

Upon receiving initiation from the Guru, the disciple begins to have have the feeling of divine power. The word deeksha is made up of two letters di and ksha. Di means to give and Ksh means to destroy (destroy). Initiation leads to enlightenment and the loss of all sins.

Diksha is the most cherished civilization of our ancient Indian culture, which the Guru favors the disciple. That is why great personalities like Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, Shri Dattatre, took Guru Diksha and increased the importance of Guru.

Just as a stone sculpture made by an artisan is consecrated and installed in the temple, and it is imparted a radiant form of the goddess or deity so that it becomes respectable, revered, illuminated for all, similarly human beings are also wonderful work godlike artisan, which is similar to a moving idol in this world-like temple.

The gurus are identified with scripture-debate and the yogi is identified with yoga. At the same time, the seeker is identified with his siddhi. Guru should be skilled. He or she should not be limited to mere clothes and sermons.  One who makes everyone cry and makes everyone laugh, convinces with stories; guru with such protean personalities exists everywhere as guru and sadguru.

The soul and the mind decide in a moment about the Guru because there is a difference between sweet talks and truth. A person’s mind and conscience can understand these differences.

In our Indian Ancient Sanatan Civilization, Sanskars and wisdom are required to transform the human thoughts and thoughts of mankind and to make our life right, pure, successful and to lead mankind.

To save the ancient cultural tradition of Vedic religion, it is our ultimate duty to protect the virtues of sages. Responsibility is also necessary for the culture that answers the questions of the mysteries of the world through intelligence and logic. The power and fear in the debate and the realization of the soul-element is possible only through the Guru. Any special scholar, saint and saint who considers this Indian culture as a heritage and sacred, and has a special achievement, then taking his grace is called initiation.

Just as the king’s son becomes the official king of the state in the future, the seeker is able to establish this kingdom with tenacity by adopting this initiation-tradition. It is a state by meditation, and this state is a special path for victory in elections etc.


Worship Types


Aasuri Baglamukhi Prayog

This is a special and high-quality Baglamukhi-tantra Prayog for the complete mitigation of enemies. It is impossible for your enemy to avoid its effect.
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Bagla Pratyangira Kavach

This Kavach (armor) of Bhagwati liberates the devotee from all enemy’s Prayogs like killing, separation distraction, bewitchment, and inertness.
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Vipreet Pratyangira Prayog

Vipreet Pratyangira Prayog sends back the evil spirts, tantra-mantra prayogs as well as eliminating the wicked and frees devotees from all the miseries.
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Panch-Astra Prayog

Bhagwati Bagalamukhi’s Panch-Astra Prayog-Shodashopchar has been considered the most accurate solution for the complete resolution of the property dispute.
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Bandhak Mukti Prayog

Bandhak-mukti Prayog frees a victim form legal punishment, bondage om freedom, and helps him oh her to get bail on a matter resulted by the conspiracy of enemies.
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Bagla-Dandadhikari Bhairav Puja

The recognition of Bhagwati Baglamukhi and Dandadhikari Bhairav worship-Shodashopchar for victory in legal proceedings is ubiquitous.
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Mangla-Bagla Prayog

Mangla-Bagla Prayog has been considered very effective to solve the delay in marriage of any man and woman.
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Baglamukhi Vidweshan Prayog

This Prayog of Bagalamukhi makes war between your enemies. It is also used for divorce.
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Baglamukhi Tantra Prayog

This Bhagwati Bagalamukhi Prayog is capable of freeing the devotee from any kind of tantra-action.
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Bagla-Panjjar Strota Prayog

Bhagwati Baglamukhi and Panjjar Strota Prayog solves the financial problems a devotee facing in her/his life.
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Bagla-Pashupati Ahavan

This Baglamukhi Prayog is beneficial for those people who are facing many problems in going abroad.
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Rajya-pad Prapti Prayog

Raj Baglamukhi and Rajya-Rajeshwari Prayog helps in getting government job and election-ticket and winning in elections.
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Pataka and Baglamukhi

Pennant and Baglamukhi Shodashopchar Pujan is very famous for jobs. This Prayog is best for a job and a career.
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Pataka Sdhodopchar Pujan

Immediately benefits in the  disease-infection has been shown by worshiping Bagalamukhi with Sdhodopchar and Pennant-Sdhodopchar
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Yoni-havan Kund

To get children, there is a belief of worshiping the Yoni-Havan Kund. With this Prayog of Goddess, every kind of womb-bond is opened.
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