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All the Pujans and Prayogs

1. Asuri Baglamukhi Prayog

Complete demise of enemies

This is a special tantra prayog of high quality. When Bhagwati was angry for killing asuras, they absorbed her anger and called for Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Rudra, Sadasiva in the form of panch-astras, then Bhagwati herself took a terrible form and appeared in the form the demon Bagla. She captured the astra-form of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh, Rudra, and Sadasiva and seated on them by making make them her Kamala Asana.

Therefore, the goddess sat on the Panch-Pret Aasan, held the tongue of Kalal Asura and struck her with a Vajra and killed her. At that time, the mother herself appeared in demoniacal form, snatching all the powers of the demon and called Pancha-Preta-asan seated Bhagwati Asuri Baglamukhi. Some wicked seekers defend themselves by invoking Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh etc., and causing others trouble through satanic lore. For this, they use the special and high-quality Tantra-weapon of Asuri Baglamukhi, the effect of which is impossible to avoid. It has been termed as Abhichar-Karma. Asuri Baglamukhi is considered to be the best of all for liberation from abuses, as it also destroys Aghori, Shamshani, etc.

2. Baglamukhi Pratyngira Kavach

To send back the ghost, tantra mantra

In all the Shastras (weapons) of the Bhagwati Baglamukhi, the recitation of this Kavach (an armor) protects in every way. With the presence of this Kavach, there is no adverse effect of Separation, Attraction, Deflection, Killing, Inertness Prayogas (Experiments) applied on you by an enemy. This counter-weapon of the Bhagwati Baglamukhi is the destroyer of all the wicked and all kinds of sins. This experiment is beneficial to all types of devotees. The use of this Kavach can also destroy the worst tantra experiment.

3. Vipreet (opposite) Pratyngira Prayog

Protection against Tantra Experiment

Baglamukhi opposite-Pratyangira is performed to return the enemy’s action to the same. Your life becomes painful when a wicked person does a tantric experiment on you. If the tantric uses any sacrifice, bhog, yajna, as well as Aghori performing experiment with eating flesh and skull from dead burning in crematorium or in graveyard, then the whole attack hits the same tantric back by the use the opposite- Pratyangira experiment of the goddess Baglamukhi.

4. Panch-Astry Prayog

Baglamukhi Patha and Experiment for property dispute

Bhagwati Bagalamukhi’s Panch-astra use has been considered the most appropriate for winning a property dispute. Bhagwati Baglamukhi-Shodashopchar Pujan, Baglamukhi chanting 1.25 lakh Panch-Astra Matran, Yajna, Havan, Darshan, Aahuti, Tarpan, Marjan, Brahmin-Bhoj, Night-Pujan, Goddess Abhishek and Shodasopar Pujan again.

5. Experiment for jailed

For bail and release:

This experiment of Baglamukhi has been considered the best for the protection from punishment or for liberty, etc. It frees person jailed; Especially a person who has been caught in a legal trick under a conspiracy. There is definitely a benefit of using this experiment, but one who is a criminal and is involved in a criminal case, then failure can happen; Otherwise, it is beneficial to go with this experiment of Baglamukhi in every condition. Baglamukhi-Shodashopchar Pujan, Baglamukhi 1.25 lakh chanting, Yajna, Havan, Darshan, Ahuti, Tarpan, Marjan, Brahmin Bhoj, Night-worshiping and Goddess Abhishek and Shodasopar Pujan again.

6. Baglaamukhi-Dandadhikari Bhairav Pujan

To win legal proceeding / destroying enemies

Baglamukhi-Dandadhikari Bhairav Pujan is considered special for winning in the court case. Havan, Dashansh, Homa, Fruits, Sacrifice, Manglacharan-arti after sleep, Goddess-bath, Abhishek, Nav-vastrabhushan, Shodashopuchar Pujan Arti, Pennant-worship, and setting Pennant to win.

7. Mangla-Bagla Prayog

Mangla-Bagla Prayog for Marriage

Mangla-Bagla Experiment of Bhagwati Baglamukhi for marriage is highly effective. When a person is unable to get married due to any person or reason, then the Patha and the Prayog of Mangala Gauri after the use of Baglamukhi’s Abhichar Karm Mukti Experiment is highly effective.

8. Bagalamukhi Vidveshan Prayog

To break up from a person or among a group of enemies

This experiment makes war among enemies. It’s helpful for those who are harming someone by by forming a group together, then this experiment is very important for the mitigation of such people. It’s also helpful in getting divorce.

9. Baglamukhi Tantra Prayog

Baglamukhi Prayog for the Release from the Abhichar-karma

This experiment  of special and high quality is recommended for the peace of enemies, extinguishers and ghosts in the house, zinaad, brahmarakshas, black magic, totka etc. This experiment includes the worship of Bhagwati Bagalamukhi, tarpan, marjan, Brahmin-bhoj, bathing of the goddess, and setting the pennant. If the victim is under the influence of the tatra, then its scrub is done with satanja (mixture of seven grains). It is a triangular worship and experiment performed by three Baglamukhi Sadhak and Acharya and, if it also has cremation-worship and Brahmarakhasa-samadhaan then it also includes going to Varanasi to invoke the Sanharak-Bhairav and perform the panch-bali.

10. Bagla and Panjjar Strota Prayog

Bhaglamukhi Prayog for recovering from economic loss

The Bhagwati Baglamukhi Prayog and the Panjjar Strota Prayog are highly effective for the recovery of economic losses. Economic losses are covered by this experiment.

11. Bagla-Pashupati Ahawan (call)

Baglamukhi Prayog for going abroad

Prayog of Maa Pitambra Bagalamukhi, Bhagwan Pashupati call, and chanting after Shodashopchar; There is a law to do this experiment in the mid-night. Havan, Dashansh, Homa, Yajna, Tarnap, Marjan Brahmin-Bhoj, Bali and Mangalacharan-Mangala Aarti after sleep, Devi-Snan, Devi-Abhishek, New-Vastrabhushan, Shodashopchar-Pujan (Aarti), Pennant-worship and pennant setting up for victory. This experiment is very effective for going abroad.

१२. Rajya-pad Prapti Prayog

For getting state position

Raj Baglamukhi and Rajye-Rajeshwari are used for obtaining state post i.e. government job and election ticket and victory in election, to become politician, minister etc. It is used especially by politicians. This experiment is highly successful and is helpful for getting a government job.

13. Pennant and Baglamukhi

To get a job

Pataka (Pennant ) and Bagalamukhi-Shodascharya Pujan are very famous for jobs. This experiment is also a job and career.

14. Pataka and Baglamukhi

Relief  from disease and infection

Immediate benefits have been seen in the infection of the disease by worshiping Bagalamukhi Shodashopchar and setting up Pennant.

15. Yogni-Hawankunda Pujan and Yagya

Yoni-Havan Kund Puja and Yagya (Use of Shabar Mantra) to get children.

The ‘womb-bond prayog’ binds the womb so that no child can be born. In this Prayog of Tantra, Bagalamukhi shodash-matraka pujan and Baglamukhi-shodashopchar pujan, and after this performing Yagya in Yoni Havankund gives benefit in getting child born. In many cases, success is achieved through the use of Shabar Vidya. But before worshiping the matrakas and Bagalamukhi shodashopchar pujan, and after this one become able to get child by performong Shabar Prayog.

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